Pros and Cons of online reading and book reading

When books are lined up on shelves in an orderly static manner, we hardly ever realize that they are the gates to an unknown city or a treasure chest of an unknown world ready to be explored and discovered. Only a book lover knows the joy of avid reading. Books provide food for thought.

As the world evolved, so did the reading habits of people. Books are no more only the paper books we were aware of. They are now available in our smartphones, Kindle and Mac books too. As has always been a case with all kinds of inventions and innovations, there has been a debate about pros and cons of paper books and the latest e books.

Necessity,Guest Posting they say, is the mother of invention. Hence, despite the age old tradition of reading books, e-books came onto the scene and have proved to be a massive hit with the readers. This goes to prove that there were aspects of reading books that required changes. Around 2010s, the e books became a big hit and started taking over the sale of hardcover books.

An electronic book, known as an e-book or e-book is a publication in digital form or online study site, consisting of text and images readable on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Many devices like the smartphones and other handheld mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android, Kindle and Kindle Fire are used to get access to online collection of books. E books can be read through Tablet computers such as iPad and Xoom via applications. With e-books, users can browse through online and when they select and order titles, the e-books can be sent to them online or alternatively the user can download the e book.


An amazing feature of e-books is its storage. Thousands of e-books can be stored in a device limited only by its memory capacity. They are completely portable. On the other hand, paper books are often bulky. Being heavy, they cannot be taken along everywhere. They take up space.

Paper books are vulnerable to elements of Nature like fire, water, damage, mold and wind thereby making it difficult to read them anywhere or everywhere. E-books, interestingly, are free from these loopholes. While waiting for a doctor’s appointment or standing in a queue we can easily continue with our book reading.

Real books cannot be read in the dark making it necessary to arrange for light from outside. An e-book may be readable in low light or even in total darkness, depending on the device. The electronic devices like smartphones and Tablet computers have an in built light system, making it easy to work or read without causing trouble to anyone sleeping in the room.

We often feel the need to adjust the font size of paper books knowing well that it cannot be changed. In computer devices vision can be adjusted according to one’s needs, enlarging it according to desire.

Interestingly, e readers have the facility to look up for words or find more information about the topic using the handy online dictionary.

A study by Amazon reveals that 85%of its readers look up for a word while going through the online books.

It is much easier to understand the different aspects with the help of online audios and videos about the topic. This makes retention and comprehension easier.

With e books, we have electronic bookmarks to make references easy.

E-readers have the advantage of using text- to- speech software for getting the text read aloud thereby making it possible for visually impaired, elderly or dyslexic people to read online books easily.

Self-publishing e books are comparatively easier. Independent authors are able to publish their work easily as compared to hard cover publication.

Other important reasons for the popularity of e-books are perhaps their lower prices making them more affordable to the reader. Also, it somehow involves increased comfort as they can be purchased online without the need of visiting a book store. E-books are an instant download so no waiting is required to get the book from Amazon. Also, the wide range of e-books gives the reader enough range to choose from. Added to it is the fact that they do not go out of stock. Moreover, huge number of books are available online free of charge on different sites. Interestingly, all books published before 1923 in the United States are in the public domain and are available to readers for free.


A book is a treasure that can be held between our two hands, flipping through the pages as has been done ever since. It is tangible and real. For a reader it is a pleasure to hold the book and get the feel of the world about to be explored. It is unlike an e book that is intangible and does not give the real feel.

It is healthier to read a book in your hands than straining the eyes on screen. The eyesight is adversely affected by the continuous light of the screen as has been proved by a number of studies. Hence, books are always a healthier version as compared to e books.

We do not require batteries or power to read a real book. It needs no charging or electricity. Even when there is no power our books will be safe in our hands. On the other hand, e books always need power and the chances of losing it are always higher.

Reading books have always been a sure shot way of improving intellect and enriching vocabulary and pronunciation. It is easy to find out grammatical or language mistakes on pages rather than on screen.

Books somehow lead to higher retention capacity. One tends to retain and remember and recall what has been written on pages. Computer reading somehow may not be that effective as far as learning and retention is concerned.

Coming to health benefits, books do not alter our sleep pattern thereby proving to be safe for our health.

Greater quality checks can be applied on publications of books.

Paper books are often more aesthetically designed. When a book is published on paper, it gets a beautiful cover, good quality paper and well thought of page size.

Print books are considered valuable cultural items and symbols of liberal education that are cherishable for their texture and appearance. Online books are useless for people who have an intense lifelong love affair with books that can be touched, books that we can smell and depend on.


Printed books use much three times more raw materials and 78 times more water to get published as compared to e books.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of paper books is that it needs cutting trees, making books hazardous for the environment. E books are environment friendly.


Online readers lack privacy for their reading activities. Amazon definitely knows the user’s identity, the material that is being read by a person, which page the reader is on, how much time the reader has spent on a certain page and the passages that the reader may have highlighted.

E-books files have the threat of getting corrupted, deleted and pirated or just getting lost anytime.

It is often seen that the quality of work gets compromised in online reading material.

They are said to be a hindrance to the cognitive skills of children.

Online reading is susceptible to problems with the internet and electricity.

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It Is Claimed That Readers of Romance Books Have Great Sex Lives

this article the results of recent expert findings that claim people who read romance books or erotic novels have a much better sex life than people who do not. The article also discusses how romance novels can have a long term emotional effect on women, which can lead them to having an increase sexual desire.

There are plenty of people who enjoy reading a good book.While there are now other sources of entertainment,Guest Posting such as video games, sports or movies books and literature still remain a favorite hobby for millions of individuals.For example, there are plenty of people who enjoy reading Romance Novels and are always looking out for the next great book to come out.But many people dont have too much money to spend on their book purchases.Here are some tips that you can use to get great books without paying too much.1.Consider getting an e-reader and buy eBooks instead In the past year or so, e-reader devices like the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader have gotten a lot more popular due to the fact that they are a convenient way to read books anywhere you go.Not only are these devices quite practical, they can also help you save a lot of money on your book purchases.Electronic editions of books are usually far less expensive than paper copies, which can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.There are many kinds of eBooks available for purchase online or free download, such as horror stories, Erotic eBooks, self-help books, cooking books, etc.2.ook for good deals on books online Many major book retailers, as well as so According to a popular life style magazine that is published in the United States, someone buys a romantic novel every 5 seconds.This makes them on of the most popular genre of book and for those people who are already trying to do the math that equates to nearly $1.5 billions worth of sale every year.It is no wonder that these sales figures are so high as the article in the same lifestyle magazine also claimed that people who buy Romance Bookscan have an increase in sexual desire and might find it a lot easier to be able to be in the right mood for sex than people who dont.The article went on to state that people who buy these types of books might also have sex with their husbands or boyfriends more regularly.Nobody really knows if these claims are true or not but there could be some thought behind these claims.It could be the case that these books make women fantasize more regularly and this could lead them to wanting to act out the fantasies they read about in the books.This could then lead them to want to have more fun or become a little bit more adventurous in the bedroom.Some women may consider reading Erotic Booksas a way of improving their naturally improving their sex drive.Many women could have been reading books of this kind for years as a way to help them increase their sexual appetite.Having said that, women dont always need to read about graphic or explicit sex scenes in order to become aroused; romantic books can also help to stimulate women emotionally and it could be this that attracts women to these books as it could leave them more open to the thought or idea of love making, rather than graphic imagery.It is these emotions or love, romance and happiness that could well be linked to a womans libido because they act to cause psychological changes to hormones within their body.It is the stirring of these emotions and hormones that could lead to them becoming a form of natural aphrodisiac and this could also help to explain why romantic books are so popular.Of course, all these things such as hormones, sexual appetite and erotic fantasies could have absolutely nothing to with so many women reading these types of books. The popularity of romantic or erotic books could just be down to the fact that they are so well written and that their stories really connect with the reader and keep them engage throughout the duration of the story.Whatever the reasonsArticle Submission, it doesnt look like their popularity is going to cease anytime websites such as often have special promotions on books for certain occasions, such as during the holiday season.You should definitely check out these sites to see if they have any special offers going on for the books that you are interested in buying.3.Sign up for promotional mailings from online book retailers If you like to buy Ro In years gone by books that have contained large elements of romance or eroticism have been amongst some of the most popular genres of books that people by over and over again.However, just recently some people have claimed that the popularity of these sorts of books might be starting to wane and the number of people who are reading or buying them could be on the decline.Debates of this kind can sometimes take place on social networking sites, on blogs or in local library groups or book clubs.Some people consider that this whole genre is in somewhat of a cold state at the moment.There are said to be a number of different reasons that attributed to this decline.Some commentators and readers of these types of books claim that one of the reasons could be that the genre itself has become diluted over recent years by books in other genres that also contain large elements of romanticism and eroticism in their books.These other genres include horror, historical, paranormal, science fiction and comedy.The fact that these other types of books now contain cross elements from other genres, particularly from romance and Erotic Books, has led to a blurring and sometimes misrepresentation regarding which genre the books should belong too.For example, books that have an element of comedy and romance are often called rom-coms.However, for a book that is about vampires, ghosts and demons, yet also contains a strong romantic or erotic angle to them is not so easy to determine what sort of genre it should fit into.Although these other genre of books do include erotic or romantic elements to their stories, some people might think that they do not convey all the emotions that a reader can fully embrace from reading Romance Books.Many people might think that it is only books of this kind that truly help a reader experience the feelings and emotions of a good romantic or erotic novel.As with many romantic books and especially in erotic novels, these books contain storylines and content that some people may consider to be far too graphic or sexual explicit for a regular story that was in a book of another genre.Another reason for the decline of these types of books could be because of the amount of pornographic material that is available online and which can be easily accessible.Where once someone would read a book in order to imagine their sexual fantasiesFree Web Content, they are now logging onto the internet and watching videos of their fantasies for real.Regardless of the apparent decline in this genre of literature there may still be a large number of people who enjoy reading these types of books and will continue to do so in the future.mance Books Online, or often shop for any other kind of books, then it would be a good idea to sign up for the newsletter of the websites which sell books online.That way, you will always be informed when they have discounts or special offers going on, such as 50 percent off certain merchandise, free shipping, etc.This way, you can get great deals on books delivered straight to your email.4.Buy used books instead Another way to save money on books is to buy them used, whether on the internet or offline.This can easily allow you to get many kinds of books, even some of the greatest romance novels ever published, at very low prices.You might get books that would normally sell for $40 or more if they were new at deeply reduced prices, such as $3 or $4 per book.If you want to shop online for used books, you can check out the auction site eBayScience Articles, as many people put listings of items that they no

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